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We amplify positive messages.

By working closely with missionary personal, media and consumer brands to share their message with the world.


From entrepreneurs to executives, authors, academics, public figures, we help them reach more people, create content and sell their products and services.

”Catalin and his team at Increase Media stepped in at the early stages of our explosive brand growth, and became a high-valued partner as we defined ourselves in a dynamic and uncertain market. The team required very little oversight, quickly aligned and moved with the brand and had a shockingly efficient working process. Their ability to build, launch, manage and grow digital media products helped us build out a new major revenue stream and strengthen the brand.”

Andrey Korikov, Business Manager of Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a best-selling author and speaker of "12 Rules for Life", "The most influential intellectual in the world, right now!" - The New York Times

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