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About Increase Media

INCREASE MEDIA is a creative digital media agency
working for amazing businesses and brands worldwide

We love people. And now, the internet is providing us with the tools to share that love across many industries and create a lot of revenue, loyalty and happiness on all ends. What can be more beautiful? In our core culture we believe in providing our clients and partners the best experience and results that they’ve had in their entire life.

Yes, that’s a pretty bold claim and it’s true. And we do that by only working with companies and brands with extraordinary products and services, so that we can get passionate about them and share that passion with their audience.

What we do?

We build digital ecosystems

The internet right now is Social Media. 1 out of 3 pages opened on the internet is a social media page, so there’s no better place to find your audience and grow your sales & share your message. From PPC to Social Media Management, we got you!

Building a successful website and mobile app that actually gets people to buy and act and trust your brand it’s both an art and a science at the same time. By always having the User Experience and Conversion Side of things in mind, we do them with a twist that makes what we do actually work. 

We know how to build funnels and processes that can take a cold lead, that doesn’t have any idea who you are, and transform them into an avid buyer waiting in line to buy your products. We do that by understanding the deep psychology involved and by leveraging that with technology to sky-rocket the results.

Imagine going to the supermarket and seeing all your favorite products first, with special discounts for you because they know your birthday is coming, all this while having your experience smoother and saving time. That’s exactly what we can do, but online. And we do that with Dynamic Email Automation, Personalized Content and Ads, Website Analytics Tools and so much more techy stuff!

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INCREASE MEDIA is in the perfect sweet spot between utterly creative and strongly analytical.

Well executed digital strategy creates both sales and happiness

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