Increase Media is a creative social media marketing agency based in Bucharest, working for clients all over the world.


Our mission is to help spread and amplify the messages, products and services that we believe in and add real positive value to the world and to people’s lives.

A healthy INCREASE appears when your principles and goals are aligned with the needs and desires of your customers.

Marketing focused on people with the core values in mind to reverse engineer what really makes people happy, what makes people trust a brand, buy, share and tell their friends in the most authentic way.

What we do

Social Media Marketing

Our Campaigns are born from a deep understanding of the clients needs as well as their customers desires.

Account management

We put the time and effort in understanding your followers in order to speak their language and keep the communication friendly and functional.  

Content creation

Be it written or filmed, content is a big part of any of our client strategies and we strive to deliver only high quality content.


Bringing an idea to life, promoting or changing an existing product, or creating something entirely new, our main focus starts from the idea of caring about our clients and their fans.  

Research - our client discovery process is one of the most comprehensive available on the market today.



We construct, repurpose or design Social media strategies, campaigns and account management plans in order to deliver real quantifiable results.

How we do it

We are different but we mix and match perfectly together to increase and upgrade your business. 

Meet The 'Increase Media' Dream Team


We are blowing up. The company is exploding. Our movement is moving forward at an astronomical pace, and a lot of that has to do with the guys over at Increase Media. We’ve had a couple agencies come in since we’ve started that no where near came close to the performance of Increase Media.

Stephen Ezell CEO,

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